Aps Standard Controller In Php

Aps Standard Controller In Php
We require a PHP-based generic implementation of the Application Packaging Standard “Controller” specification, as described at:

APS Standard is a standardized format for packaging web-based software, used by many companies to offer popular web based applications to their customers. We wish to integrate APS Standard packages into our own custom offerings, and as such we need a “Controller” implementation to handle package management.

The Controller software is responsible for maintaining a simple repository of available software installs, including adding software (in APS standard package format .app.zip files) to make it available to be installed. Software that has been added to the repository should be able to be installed (“provisioned”), including any custom settings (such as database username and password) as required by the APS Standard-format software package. Additionally, the controller should be able to handle reconfiguring installed APS Standard package instances, as well as updating and removing application instances.

Basically, we need every function listed in the Controller development guide:
to be implemented in PHP so that we can comply with the APS Standard guidelines. This is not going to be a small task — the Controller specification requires that the software be able to handle a variety of relatively complex tasks. Before bidding on this job, please review the developer guide and the other resources available for companies that wish to provide APS Standard services (like ours) at http://www.apsstandard.org/providers/documentation/.

Please note that we are not interested in packaging software into APS Standard format — that is easy to do. We actually need you to build the software that can take an APS Standard package, and then install multiple copies of it into different locations with different settings, keep those installs updated, and remove them as needed.

To complete this task, you will need to provide PHP source code that we can run on any standard Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP server and that has a very basic user interface to manage adding and removing packages from the repository, as well as installing/configuring/removing instances of the software available in the repository. Every item in the controller specification linked above must be handled — we are seeking APS certification so we must have EVERY FEATURE listed in that document working in the final product that you provide to us. The user interface (as accessible by the web browser) can be very simple — we do not need any authentication, or any noteworthy “styling” as we will be implementing your code into our own application. This means that your code must be stable and modular; please be sure everything is divided into understandable classes with at least some comments or documentation so that our programming team can integrate it.

Please DO NOT bid on this project until you have reviewed the Controller specification at http://www.apsstandard.org/r/doc/aps-controller-dev-guide-1.2/index.htm in its entirety, as this is not a simple project — you will need to have quite a bit of PHP experience to deliver on this project.

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