WordPress Mu Domain Mapping

WordPress Mu Domain Mapping
I installed WordPress Mu succesfully for mature gay content, and added the plugin WordPress MU Domain Mapping found at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-mu-domain-mapping/.

The primary domain is http://hotgaymenblog.com and I wish to create the child blog hotgaymenvideostore.hotgaymenblog.com and domain map it to hotgaymenvideostore.com.

I wish to create multiple blogs and domain map them to their own domains, instead of default sub-domains. I followed the instructions (http://www.binaryturf.com/using-wordpress-%CE%BC-mu-for-multiple-domains/) for the plugin installation but only got about 2/3 there. When I click on the Backend link for the new blog I want to add (hotgaymenvideostore.com) it displays as a blank page.

Once it is successfully installed, I need instructions so I can add more child blogs easily and domain map it to its own domain.

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