Nofollow Bulk Domain Checker

Nofollow Bulk Domain Checker
This should be pretty simple.

1. Need a PHP script built where I can simply past a long list of URL’s. (up to 20,000)

2. The script should query each one, look at the code and see if there is a nofollow tag on the page.

3. If there is a nofollow tag on the page, it should discard them.

4. If it does not have a nofollow tag in the code, then it should add them to “safe List”.

5. Once it is done processing, I should be able to copy and past list of domains that are dofollow (pages that do not have Nofollow tags.

6. I would like a % processed in the script so I have an idea of how long it would take.

Script should simply go and check each page, and discard domains that are nofollow, time out, or blocked URLs.

Looking to get this done right away if you have good feedback.

This is for bulk checking a list of URL’s that we would post comments to for SEO. The URL’s are all wordpress blogs.

I do not need the system to save files, or anything like that, just very simple and cheap.

Thanks for your bid.


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