Youtube Api Search Tool

Youtube Api Search Tool
Need someone who is familiar with the Youtube API to create a search tool that would identify certain videos on by by cross tabulating my database with youtube.

We have an internal database “Internal Yt Videos” (which can be mysql or other) of about 2000 YT videos by youtube video ID

The search “tool” should be able to search and generate a list of youtube video results. the “search input” would either be by user input (the user would enter the search string) or the search input would be a csv file that is uploaded. this csv file would just be a simple list of names in csv format (not sure if this is possible. if not, let me know).

Result listing would contain YT video id, user upload name, number of views, link to YT video sorted by number of views and lastly a field identifying whether that video is part of the Internal YT Video list. We should be able to also exclude those videos on the Internal YT list. so in this case, the video results must not contain youtube videos on the internal database “Internal_YT_Videos”.

if it matters, this will be a private application and not public.
100% of payment to be made on completion after testing. This can be escrow. You may use my server for development/ testing.

final app will live on LAMP server

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