Edu. Social Network For Kids

Edu. Social Network For Kids
I’m looking for a team of web developers who can take on this huge project. Name of site: Go2Youroom

It will start out in flash (animated 3D kid) already being created. Concept: 3D living Room, long hallway and a virtual Bedroom with many (hotspots) Bookshelves (books) English, Math, Languages, History, Science, Geography, etc. Also in the room, Musical instruments, Solar system, Computer desk, puzzles, microscope, printer, world Globe, play station, etc. (kids will be able to click on images and take quizzes, test etc.

kids- will have the option of uploading a photo of themselves or creating an animated charactor.

They can then earn play money/points based on correct answers. This play money will be used to buy or get discounted products or services by sponsors.

Teachers – Will be able to upload and create quizzes, test, submit homework projects into the site. IF POSSIBLE, CAN THEY BE GRADED?

Teachers – When creating test or quizzes, they SHOULD BE ABLE TO archived by name, subject, age group, class grade and district. Other teachers will be able to use created documents.

-ability to download/save work offline

Some examples of possible tools include:
-a tool to create a quiz or test
-a tool to create a crossword puzzle
-a tool to grade projects automatically
-a tool to add a piont system
-a tool to organize lesson plans for the day/week/month
-a tool to create & print out projects if needed.
-a tool to create a and or upload math, english, history etc. test.
Please do not limit yourself to these. I am looking for even more

Both parents and Teachers will be able to sign up the children, one or by a group.

Security- This site will need the highest security features and technology available, prior to launch – I do have a list, but It has room for improvement.

Sponsors- Will be displayed by a 10 by 10 row of squares (category)Click on sponsor and products available will be displayed with purchase price – (fun money)

Also, admin section will allow me and sponsors to submit logos and products.

Children- Once they are in thier room will be able to customize a personalized avator, drag and drop furnature, games, instruments, etc.

I’ve already created the point system (chart)

By biggest concern is teacher’s being able to work easily with the site and submit test and most inportant would be the security features to keep pedphilers away.

I will also be adding the and a customized coupon script similar to

funds for this project will be available in Febuary.

If you have any further question or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

I am also looking for the latest sex offenders software to intergrate into this site.

creative ideas.

Several programmers will be chosen for the project. Please describe clearly your ideas, and note the time frame for completing your tool(s). Also note any other requirements I may not know about (i.e., if it requires a database or certain PHP version).

I will discuss more details with those who submit bids to make sure expectations are clear.

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