Convert Site To Html: (or Php)

Convert Site To Html: (or Php)
I need all the pages of converted from ASPX pages to either HTML or PHP. There is no database and no programming on the site. Some include files are used, but those could be eliminated or changed to PHP. We would prefer a table layout and one that can GROW VERTICALY – currently the site is locked into a fixed height.

My preference would be to have the header with the menu and the footer in separate files and those would be included with PHP commands on each page. If you visit the site – – you will see that there are not all that many pages or all that much content.

The menu (including the drop downs), all content and all images will remain as they are on the current site. The style sheet will need to be recreated and applied appropriately. Right now the site is a mash up of layers, regular styles and inline styles. We want a single CSS file used – no inline styles, no frames, no layers.

I have uploaded a zip file of all the files of the site to (about 46 MB).

I need this project turned around in 24 hours (or at least the majority of it), so I can sow it to the client.

I realize the whole site needs a redesign, but that is NOT part of this projecty – the new site should look as identical as possible to the old site, but have clean code and clean CSS.

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