Fix Paypal Api 2

Fix Paypal Api 2
I have a ecommerce script and everything works great need one little fix related to paypal processing and authorise net processing there for the choosen programmer will need sandbox test accounts with these providers in order to check after fixing. We will be running a full scale test prior to payment using the test account or a real account if you dont have a test one and thatll be payment for project…:) Furthermore I will need to know exactly what was done to fix it so if it happens again.

Now whoever fixes this will also be helping me fix another script same problem well we need to overhaul the whole IPN system its outdated at any rate happy bidding will be moving forward with this project quickly You will be required to sign a NDA and confidentiality agreement. I prefer someone within the united states that i could hold legally responsible should these contracts be violated..:) However I am looking for offshore pricing on this one as it is a small fix the next project will pay more show me what you got here and I may use you frequently.

heres a little more info this is a live auction site once the auction finishes it goes to won auctions then user clicks pay heres the issue it goes to payment.php which goes to process.php which extracts info from auction client info product info etc. everythings in place and setup the way it needs to be to work but for some odd reason its not transmitting the info well once it ends up at paypal nothing follows through i.e. theres no payment info entered at paypal nor item number etc. this is a problem because once user pays its suppose to go back to the site and credit the auction back into the mysql if its unsuccesful it routes back to unsuccessful which it does just fine. so as I said the logics in place its just not 100% so
I need you
to have a testing account to test that module and fix whatevers wrong with it possibly nothing cant test it, its module is far simpler.

Paypal as noted above probably upgrade IPN will solve the issue its a mysql to paypal issue

I need you to sign the required nda and confidentiality agreements if choosen before seeing anything

and one last request i need a chase IPN built if possible just signing up with them now to get into the developer area.

so overall you must be great with payment API and IPNS Im good with PHP and other languages just need help with this IPN API stuff

I am installing it onto a developement server tonight and will be choosing a helper soon Thanks RP

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