Classic_collection Finishing

Classic_collection Finishing
1. On the Home page and all other pages please change the wording ‘Classic and Affordable’ to ‘Classy and Affordable Costume Jewelry’.
2. On the Navigational Panel Please remove the link ‘Necklaces and Earrings’.
3. On the Navigational Panel please change ‘Bridal’ to ‘Elegant’.
4. Under the We Accept panel. Please post a note as follows:
For Checks by mail. Make checks payable to:
Classic Collection, LLC
1046 Palmer Road
Lithonia GA 30058
* Orders by check will be mailed when payment is received.
5. I have made updates to the ‘Contact Us’, ‘About_Us’, ‘shipping’ and the ‘Our Products’ files. Please reload.
6. Also please load the ‘Privacy_Policy’ and the ‘Terms_Conditions’ file under the appropriate pages.
7. Opt out settings.
8. Install SSL cert
9. Install paypal functionality
10. Calculate shipping at final check out.
11. Please see below. Do you thk we can incorporate that into our payment option panel?

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