Mmo Game Development

Mmo Game Development
Hello! I am currently seeking a good game programmer who can take all of the graphics I have produced and create a game with the features that I require. My game (Port Galaxy) is a space-themed virtual world or MMOCC (Massively Multiplayer Online Chatting Community). The game will be using high quality isometric graphics. Different angles will be created to use for animations, movements, etc. These types of games have the following basic features:

1) Avatar Creation (Design character with change of hair, clothes, pants, shoes, and colors)
2) Chatting (Chat is entered, appears in the game inside a chat bubble, and eventually disappears)
3) Credit System (Users purchase credits through PayPal, which are automatically delivered in-game and can be used to purchase virtual items, clothes, etc)
4) Catalogue System (Lists all items, a user can purchase an item with credits, and their credits get adjusted. The item is put in their inventory, can also purchase clothes)
5) Items (Can be moved, placed, and rotated inside rooms, or placed into the users inventory)
6) Walking/Talking (Users click to move to a position, can walk around objects, behind objects, interact with objects)
7) Trading (Users can exchange items for other items, or for credits- with another user)
8) Admin System (Can manage other users information, credits, Ban Users, Mute Users, including admin panel and in-game commands)
9) Room Creation (Users can create a virtual room, name it, lock it, unlock it, place items inside it, and decorate it with virtual items)
10) Friend List (Users can add friends to a friends list, and private message them in-game)

Those are the BASIC features. A lot of which, you may find source code somewhere to help you with this project. Keep in mind I am planning on having ALL necessary graphics produced, including any interface graphics, and therefore this should not be considered in the cost. There are also more features which I have not included in that list. Some examples of these types of games can be seen at the following:,, YoVille on Facebook, and others. You will be required to create a Client & Server for this game, as well as the Web Pages needed to interact with the server/client (Design Character, Purchase Credits, etc). What I have listed here may sound like a lot, however it can be fairly simple if you understand what you are doing. The server will have to be capable of handling a large number of users at one time (2000+). After the game is produced, you may be required to continue to work on the server and client, doing changes, fixes, and upgrades, which you will receive additional Pay for when that time comes. This game will always require new features to be created (for additional pay). I need someone who is qualified to do unique features.
If you are using SmartFoxServer , I will have to purchase a license for that- so adjust your bids to include that cost. Please show me examples of what you can do. I will be paying through Paypal in USD. Files will be shared VIA a dropbox. You will also have access to our dedicated server and cpanel.

If you feel like you are the person for this project, please let me know.

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