Fun WordPress K2 Theme Custom

Fun WordPress K2 Theme Custom
Happy day all,

this project involves css customization of a very popular wordpress theme framework, The ideal bidder has experience with this theme framework already.

the work is fairly straightforward, although we demand the highest quality css. We wish very much for the css to be legible too, well organized and without any sloppy rules or formatting. Much of the legwork is already done for you, we just need you to finish the theme. the following page templates are required:

1. Home – (the main loop, featuring excerpts of all posts)
2. Single – (single.php, the individual post which is almost identical to the home loop)
3. Page – (page.php, for pages besides the home loop, virtually identical to the other two templates required)

Also, it is necessary to style some widgets along with this theme, for presentation in the sidebar. the two main widgets that need style are:

1. search widget
2. subscribe / follow widget (with rss, twitter, and facebook icons)
3. links widget
4. categories widget

please let me know what questions you have, and happy bidding. To our brothers in India a Happy Republic Day to you!

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