Ads Around Phpbb Forum

Ads Around Phpbb Forum
We currently have a phpBB install with an ad structure written in Django. The problem with this is every time we update phpBB it breaks Django and the ad structure breaks and has to be re-written.

Here is how the current setup works. (can be seen at

Advertisers can place their ads on the main forum page, or if they want they can advertise only in cities of their choosing. (sub-forums)

They can also log in and see their views and click-throughs, They can also change their ad as long as it fits their pre-purchased size. (if they bought a 120×200 they can only replace that img with another 120×200)

The forum changes weekly as new departments are added so the ad structure would need to be able to change dynamically as the forum grows.

The ads also rotate their spots on the displayed page on each refresh so that each advertiser gets their time at the top of the forum.

We want to retain all the current functions and be able to update phpBB without breaking the advertising script all the time.

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