A Cosmetic Clean Up…

A Cosmetic Clean Up…
This is an existing php project that never was finished completely by the last developer and left to me to try and to sort it out. Thus the original project www.care-fix.com was abandoned and has basically stayed the same for the last year. Now I would like to finish this project.

– This web page needs to cloned/copied to another domain www.jet-net.fr and then domain root structure needs to be re-worked into a structure that is clean, clear and understood so what goes where is logical. There is a lot of junk that is not or was not ever used and needs to be cleared out.

– The important issue is that the structure is put in a form where it can be managed, i.e., text can be updated and images can be uploaded without loosing time trying to locate items.

– Cosmetic changes are required to the existing page tabs, buttons and banners. In these areas you can see the colours look distorted. The text in these areas looks very poor and need to be re-done to a much higher standard left looking clear, crisp and professional.

– Assistance with the general cosmetics or any additional idea’s enhancements to the existing look would be greatly appreciated.

– At the top of the page a photo will need to be placed to the underneath of all existing logo to look as if it has been superimposed on top.

– I need a couple of logo/links at advertise my sponers to be placed down the left hand side or at the bottom of the home page, the successfully person/company will be able their link over the old existing developers name and I will provide additional recommendations (if required).

РFinally a back up will need to be made and send via FTP or the like, once the project is complete…

Please provide an idea of the scheduling as to when you could start and how much time would you need.

Many Thanks.

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