Accomodation Website Project

Accomodation Website Project
I need the site to look very very professional.

I’m after an accommodation review site where hotels, B&B’s etc can sign up and add their own accommodation, description and photos of their accommodation – and they can change photo’s, description themselves at any time. So there will need to be a login section (username & password) for hotel owners etc where they can manage their own advertising space.

I also want people to be able to do a search for accommodation (will be Australia only). So they can do a search for a certain area, or town, or postcode, and it will display the list of accommodation (note: it will display all hotels in that area and will not keep track if they have available rooms – so advertising only, no room management)

I also want it where people can leave reviews about the properties. So a 5 star rating plus comments about this.

I need full control over everything. So I want to be able to change anything the hotel owners have put up, take down their photos if needed, change passwords etc, suspend accounts, etc. I also need to be able to modify and remove any user comments about the hotels.

Front page of the site will be a search site, where people can search by location and other criteria. When they click the search button, it should display a summary of each hotel (maybe 20 per page), and people can click into a hotel to get more detailed information – pics, reviews, etc. This page must also include a google map of the location but no contact information about the hotel. There should be a button which says something like “display hotel details” and then it will display the address, phone number, etc of the hotel, plus also a google map of the exact location. Within the google map, you should be able to zoom out, zoom in, and drag the map north, south, east, west to see the surrounding areas.
I also want this web site to be set up for optimal search in search engines. So if you can help with this, its a bonus.

Happy to answer any questions, need it to look very professional, and keen to get this started asap.


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