Website Application

Website Application
Design stickers online.

Find all information in specs.doc

1. Question: What if text is too big for sticker, as I got it, we need to cut it?
Answer: No you don’t need to cut it, just hide the extra part. (check image001.gif) Check the image002.gif to see the result we need when we try to generate the vector file.

2. Question: Is it ok to create as a result any vector file, or you need just .ai and .eps?
Answer: Yes you can use any vector file format. (if we can open the file with illustrator and export it in eps than it is ok.)

3. Question: The graphics can be in SVG?
Answer: Yes.

4. Question: Why the site need to create vector file? I dont see any vector element, or I dont understand something?
Answer: We need a way to open the file in adobe illustrator and resize it without any lost in quality.

5. Question: Can I use ImageMagic?
Answer: Yes.

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