Free Image Hosting Site

Free Image Hosting Site
Project: Free Image Hosting Site

Features: All features that has (without the tool bar download feature).

Bulk upload Feature
Force Member Sign Up
Photo Editing ( same like photobucket and myspace that allows you to edit the image once uploaded)
Administrator Control Panel ( that allows admin to control members)
FREE and Paid Subscription (Using paypal as the gateway)
Must be compliant with IE, Safari, FireFox, Opera (Most common browsers)

If you take a few minutes and check out you’ll know exactly what I’m aiming for! If you have something custom you have done in the past I’d be interested in reviewing it. My site must be Unique!!! It must not be a knock off of but using their ideas when it comes to features!

It must be written in PHP. I’ll be hosting this on my server running a linux OS. I can do escrow! I can also make payment via I would prefer to pay in stages so it protects us both.

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