Tla Clone

Tla Clone
Looking for a clone of:

This would be the ‘Publisher’ and ‘Advertiser’ tabs only. No Affiliate section necessary.


1. No ‘Ad Code’ installed on webmaster sites. Instead, there will be a spider built to verify links.

2. Fully functional spider which will check links and ensure they are properly placed. It must have the ability to check for ‘tricks’ such as: No Follow, Robots Exclusion, Orphaned Pages, etc..

3. Must integrate login with a vBulletin Forum.

4. Escrow System to ensure links are placed prior to release.

5. Payments system allowing: Paypal and Google Checkout

6. ‘Publisher’ called ‘SellLinks’

7. ‘Advertiser’ called ‘Buy Links’

PLEASE: Checkout TLA completely before bidding. I do NOT want a clone that might already be on the web. This is a job that needs to be done well and by good programmer(s). Once this is done there WILL be additions to the code.

Code: Done in php/ajax. Framewords can be used. Prototype/MooTools/etc..

Server: You will use your own server and I will test on that server copmletely before escrow is released.

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