Freight Quoting Form

Freight Quoting Form

We’re requiring a small quote system in PHP/Ajax built the same as

Step 1.
This would have a simple backend where we could enter tabular data of locations, areas, and pricing values – this is all part of a spreadsheet we can provide for you also.

Users would enter the fields as per the above link and this would then make a calculation from the data in the backend tables, provide a total, and the user can then either have the quote emailed to them or creates a total they can pay (read next part).

The admin section needs to allow adding of more companies (i.e. the link above shows you only one company – “mainfreight”) where their tabular data can be inputted into fields also. The main input data covers off:

– weight, dimensions, pick up location, drop off location

Step 2.
Once this step is created and working, we’d look to having the total value create a product in Drupal/Ubercart. This then allows the E-Commerce of Drupal/Ubercart to handle the payment facilities. Should be easy as it’s using Drupal’s built in code functions.


If you think Step 2 can be done without needing to use Drupal (you have another cart or shopping part you know can bolt on to your work in Step 1) then please let us know from your experiences.

Turnaround would be within 2 weeks and we’d like to see regular updates from the developer who takes this on. We will set up a project for you inside our Project Management Tool so you can always contact us through this – nice and easy.

All fields etc need to be coded ready for CSS (using divs, classes etc) for ease of styling.

Please let us know how you would tackle this from your professional opinion. We will not choose someone who only says “i can do this”. Quality on the deliverable is key. If you wish to see the spreadsheet, please PM me.


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