Coffeecupcash 3

Coffeecupcash 3
I need you to create a system that I can use on various websites. This system must give my customers the ability to create a custom coffee mug, and then view the finished coffee mug in 3-D.

I want this to look and work exactly like the program installed here…

Go to the page above, and click on the “Create Mug” link. Everything that you see there is what I want to replicate in my new program.

Also, as I said, I want to give my clients the option to view there finished coffee mug in 3-D.

If you are familiar with this kind of work, and can do this for a very, very reasonable price, then please contact me. But do NOT contact me with high bids, because I will simply delete them.

Thank you.

Derwin Beushausen

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