Full Time Programmer

Full Time Programmer
We are an IT solutions firm in Tokyo and we have several large corporate clients that we manage web sites for aswell as our own productive web sites.

Much of the work is with Japanese language site front ends and data collection however we have Japanese staff and I personally speak, read and write Japanese. We do not expect candidates to understand Japanese but they should be willing to do Google Translate sometimes if required. The programming ofcourse is not Japanese but uses language files.

We are running many web shops in the Zen Framework in both English and also with some that have Japanese in the admin and front end.
We will be collecting data from japanese websites and inserting it into our sites. This is a large portion of the work.

We expect the candidate to have a very good understanding of PHP and MySQL and database design and implementation. We would also expect the candidate to be fully devoted to our work and to check in with us each morning to go over issues or just to say what will be happening for the day and also so we can communicate the work required.

We have worked with many programmers on SL and are well versed in technology and databasing and web design.

We have our own full time web designer in our office so design work is not required. However we do consider HTML, CSS as programming and if needed we would require this to be completed also. However we do not expect a lot of this at all.

If you feel that you have a very high knowledge of PHP and programming we are interested in your portfolio and would gladly talk further in the PMB.

Our GMT is +9 so please state your GMT so we can know when you would be starting work in the morning.

We would also prefer to use one IM Gtalk or Skype and so on for communication.


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