Staff And Company Intranet

Staff And Company Intranet
We need to build a fully customisable intranet site from scratch. It will need to incorporate our corporate identity and logo (existing) and will need to include the following features:

1. Fully customisable pages and text entry and image upload.

2. Fully searchable telephone directory with email and telephone numbers. To include staff profiles with image uploads.

3. Updatable news items.

4. Fully username and password protected from front screen. Users to be added, deleted and suspended from admin control panel.

5. No information to be seen at all without logging-in.

6. Product support and information pages.

7. Contact forms and secure message forms for orders, pushing all messages to selected email addresses. Contact forms to include, ordering stock, requesting annual leave, reporting health and safety issues and it support issues.

8. Classified adverts section, adverts to be uploaded by all users but to be approved by admin before listing. Must auto expire after 21 days, should be able to be declined or deleted by admin.

9. Internal notice and vacancy board with form for applications.

10. Section for updatable and downloadable staff policies, procedures and product knowledge-base. Techncial support area. Downloadable PDFs as well as webpages.

11. Pages to be added, delete and moved by Admin user.

12. Other features that you could recommend for a useful company intranet.

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