Funeral Home Obituaries

Funeral Home Obituaries
Description: I have a funeral home website completed and I need a programmer to produce PHP/mySQL for the obituaries. I need both frontend and administration backend using php working from a sql database that will show the most recent obits (based upon time posted) and the ability to sort and view a listing all by date or last name. Clicking the name will navigate to that individual’s funeral services info. The individual page will show picture (or default graphic for when there isn’t any picture in database), a text area (for bio, obit, service info).

A similar example (with some added items) of what I’m after is here:

Need mySql database created (SQL file creates MySQL DB schema), php pages (already have an html designed), a page to upload(create) new obits with picture, ability to modify by admin, archive after a specified periods and list by year(optional), and be able to have users send condolences (a guestbook feature) and post them to that obituary. Ability to print an obituary by visitor. (Optional)

Database would allow a unique ID, last name, first name, m.i., post date, death date, birth date, text area for visitation and obit information…similarly as seen in the url example above.

And last, installation readme doc and email communication with the programmer if needed to get installed and working on site. Would like for obituaries to be able to be used or framed in current website and not a separate site all together.

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