Word Press Site Clone And Scri

Word Press Site Clone And Scri
Looking for a good wordpress designer to make a site clone of a site I have found.pm me for the sites url I want it a clone of the scripts layout etc but i want the design,colors etc to look different

IT must use all the scripting the other site has and also these scripts
I have the header
I Want it to be black background with white writing in a font ill explain once you have pmed me

1 have a free member script where you must verify email and name
2 need a email program so I can mail some members,female members,male members,are all members
3 script to thumb photos and post to main page and other pages that i select,how many of each i select
4 Will need script so if i set settings for example 5 random pics,5 random cats so i can set it and forget for a month and it will post the number i have selected daily also must be able to tell it where to post ,and be able to make custom notes for each posting like these 5 where uploaded to the bah bah section of bahh bah
5 will have member forum
6 non members can veiw thumbs but will beed to signup to veiw full
7 have admin side where i can edit members,ban names,restrict names for later use etc.
8 rating script Like it or not where members can upload pictures and other members can vote on it etc.
9 script to show how active members are by post,upload, rating etc so i can run contest monthly

must be setup and running on my server on competetion I will escrow full amount
When you have a working copy ill release half and other half once working on my server.

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