Americommerce Sites

Americommerce Sites
Ammericommarce sites.
I’m wiling to pay $130-200 for this work. It must be done under 20 days.

My client’s current site would remain where it is with Volusion, but all data would be pulled from that site

Products currently
87 different products
> all data can be exported, including descriptions and pictures
Products in are 12 different categories
Each products have several product options what would also need to be imported.

All products, product descriptions and photos would need to be pulled from the current site and added into the Americommerce multi-store function.

So it’s basically going to be 3 sites. They will be based off his main site he has now, but have different design. Now these 3 sites will be different then the main site but look almost identical to another. Just different colors and what not.

Here’s what I told the client:

Each design would be based off what you have on your one site, but it will be changed in terms of color, pictures, and other items.

Since I’m essentially making 3 sites for you I can’t offer to give you 3 sites that are completely unique designs. What I mean is that i’m going to take what you have in the one site and just put 3 different twist on it. They will all flow the same way , but the color and look will different.

Your limited in your design because you are using volusion and americommerce, but I can make them atleat look better then the current site you have. I can’t make them all look completely different, but I can make the all unique.

One idea would be to have them all have the same structure for all the pages (maybe having different colors), but having them all have completely different homepages. I can definitely do that. Have completely different and unique homepages.

My bid includes 2 months of maintenance and updates for free. Let me know your thoughts.

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