Jquery / Ruby On Rails

Jquery / Ruby On Rails
I need someone with EXPERT knowledge on JQuery and BASIC Ruby on Rails skills.

I have an existing application that works well but needs some refactoring. It has Ruby on Rails on the server side and JQuery on the front end.

IMPORTANT: The current development environment runs on WINDOWS. You will have to install Rails on Windows, but don’t worry, it works well!

The JQuery code consists of a Folder Browser used to browse files on a computer based on:
In addition, there is a “label browser”, modified from above file tree.


a) refactor JQuery code into 1 or 2 files with clear organization, especially in files application.js, jqueryFileTree.js, jqueryLabelTree.js (all in public/javascipts/)
b) turn post requests into GET:
the following searches / listings are currently Ajax post requests, I would like to turn them
into get requests, so you can use the browser back (or bookmark) button to see them again (it’s ok to reload the whole page)
– search in main field
– click on saved search
– click on label
– click on all documents
– click on new documents
– click on folder (in document table on right)

c) change label browser, so that if you click on a label, a list of (sub) labels appears (like the subfolders in the folder browser)
– the list of (sub) labels is populated by all labels (I will later change that in selecting all other labels that are on the documents with the first label)
– if you click on a sub label, a new level opens again with all labels, and so on
– the sub labels should not display an icon

There is no or little actual work in RoR. You need basic RoR skills to make everything work, but if you don’t have a whole lot experience, that’s fine.

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