Flasht-shirt Design App

Flasht-shirt Design App
I need a solution for T-Shirt/Business card & other Promotional Product Design application online.

It should have the following features.

1. Different products like T-Shirt, Business Cards & Other Promotional products can be designed & sent to print.

2. Option to setup different categories of design & add pre-defined design templates(we must be able to upload the designs our self using an xml or admin ctrl).

3. if there are many shapes out of which a square & a circle is in the design templates I should be able to add a Circle & a Square on top of the circle or other wise.

4. Client can design a T-Shirt & utilize the same designs for different products like business card or mugs by selecting an option just before printing & the system should use the same design & create different sizes for each product (sizes to be specified for print ready pdf).

5. Once the user has agreed the layout and look, they then click on order (this needs to be in-coporated into the print manager and the ecommerce sections). The user needs to confirm the design for print and initial /date this. Once done it goes through to the shop and a print ready PDF is created.

All source files with documentation will be provided to us once the project is completed.

Please check the below link of the T-shirt Designer


This has the functionality that we are looking for. We must be able to upload the images for the t-shirts, set prices and so on
The text and the images need to be more user controlled i.e. they can place any image and text wherever they want it to appear on the garment. Please include the word “Flash” in the beginning of your bid so that I know you have read & understood our requirements.


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