Online Website Builder

Online Website Builder
Hi thanks for previous bidders bidding on tis project. Please feel free to bid again.
I canceled previous bid for private reasons.
Please read all before bidding!!

I am looking for someone to help with an online website builder and reseller extension option to create reseller websites for the website builder.
If you have done similar work please give examples or possible modify for me. Please pmb me for more information and details on this project.

Please only bid if you can do the job and not just because you think you can!
Please do not bid until you PMB to learn more about the project.
Please provide me with examples of work.
Project must begin immediate after accepting job.
This is very important


1. Customization functions of the master Template with reference to the link 
Master template ( will have a page tear off effect in upper right corner for different ads or specials offered by admin. Administered in admin panel. Example tear down page 
The master template will have a high gloss with a 3d effect. Domain name:
Video player like:- flash Player Only! Play Video Demo on how to create a website! Created by developer!

             This functionality will have the features like Editing Header, Changing Logo, Layout, Change Color, Title, Caption.
2. The master site will have it’s own unique look aside from resellers*. Resellser sites will be chosen from templates. With basic online website builder and templates with admin areas website and for plugins such as domain registration and their own prices headers and content etc…

Website Builder…
no HTML or technical skills required!
Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor. Easy drag & drop website editor. Videos, pictures, maps, and text are added by simply dragging them to the website – Online Site Editor. Advancd users can edit witn html code.
24/7 Email Support
Unlimited Pages determined in admin area by chosen package by administrator
100+ Professional Templates
Logo Builder
Flash Intro Builder
Email Accounts
Search Engine Submission
Add Your Videos – Audios
Online Video Tutorials – Created by developer!
Auto-Responder System

Website Builder Plus…
Product Catalog
24/7 Email Support 
Shopping Cart
Accept Credit Cards
PayPal Integration
Secure Checkout
Shipping Calculator
Tracking & Logging
Order Management
Add Your Videos – Audios
Online Video Tutorials
Auto-Responder System


2. 100s professional templates: The ability to create templates in admin and upload single or bulk templates.
can you install these templates from here? I WILL BUY 6 MONTHS MEMBERSHIP and YOU DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL   This will save you time and money if you do not have the tempates..

              My Queries :
              1. Please list out the template categories to be added in your site.
              2. Whether the template should be in PSD Form or HTML/CSS form. HTML/CSS 
              3. How pages should be in each site.  pages in site determined in admin area by chosen package by administrator

» church website
» entertainment website
» business website
» art website
» photography website
» sports website
» music website
» beauty website
» school website
» fashion website
» doctor website
» health website
» real estate website
» attorney website
» wedding website
» jewelry website
» industrial website
» pet website
» personal website
» online store website
» interior design website
» restaurant website
» software website
» travel website


3. Payment Integration:

            SSL Features, Shipping Calculator, Tracking and Logging and Order Management

My Queries :
              1. Type of payment Integration. PayPal – Credit Cards
              2. Product Catalog (1) up to 100 items
              3. Product Catalog (2)up to 500 items
              4.SSL can purchase SSL


4. Trial Package

My Queries :
1. How many days of trail version? 10 days until deletion or upgrade to a spefic package.             
2.What are all the Privileges for trail version? determined in admin area by chosen package by administrator
5. Premium Package

My Queries :
1. How many days of trail version? 10 days until deletion or upgrade to a spefic package.              
2. What are all the Privileges for trail version determined in admin area by chosen package by administrator


6. Admin Part

              Tracking and Logging and Order Management

My Queries :

              1. What are all the features to be added in Admin part? There will be a proper Admin Panel.
Everything can be edited in Admin Area like :-
title, meta tags, pricing packages, header, main content, side, add extra pages and footer etc.


7. Domain / Hosting
New Domain: – If end-user wants to host his designed website with new domains then new domain will be selected from the link
Existing Domain: – If the end-user has his domain then this domain to be transferred so that it can be hosted it to my host server.

Sub Domain: – If end-user does not want to host his designed site into any domain then designed site will be hosted making a new and unique sub domain.

8. Search Engine Optimization.
Here is the zip download which can be downloaded from
Here is a link to the script.
9.Other Website Features :-
Affiliate Programs. Payout determind in admin
Reseller Program with “Extension” as provided at this website:- Reseller Program Only will sell online websites editor for the websites. Will not have resellers rights themselves
(a) When anyone desires to purchase the Resellers Program option online website builder then they will be given an option to select type of template for his site.
(b) Price will be determined by the Administrator for the reseller program in admin area.
(c) When Reseller Program is purchased Search Submission as with all website builders will be included as part of Reseller Program .
This site provides “Resell Program” in three ways which are following:-
1 – The ( CBR ) Co-Branded Reseller
2 – The ( PLR ) Private Label Reseller
3 – The ( PLR-PRO ) Private Label Reseller – Professional
There will be a proper admin panel. Everything can be edited in admin area like :-
title, meta tags, prices, header, main content, side and footer etc.Client Logins
All website builder clients including resellers will have a generic anonymous login website for control and adminstration of online builder websites.
If there are problems. it is better to correct on one website than a bunch.
Similar to:
Let me know when I need to register a domain name for this.

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