Tufat Flash Chatroom & Ecards

Tufat Flash Chatroom & Ecards
On our previous server, we had installed Tufat Flash Chatroom Software. We’ve moved over to a new server and are looking to reinstall it again, as well as Tufat’s ecard system.

But it looks like they’ve shut down the TuFat website.

Hoping one of you might happen to have a copy of it? It was a great program, and he sold it to the public for only $5.

If not, maybe you have installed some other chatroom software? If so, what would be your total fee for installation and the software.

Would like to get some eCard software installed as well. Please let me know if you have that, too. And what those fees would be for the software and installation.

Would like them to look somewhat like my current website. Hopefully they have a similar template.



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