Matrix Script Restructured

Matrix Script Restructured
I need someone who is familair with Matrix Programs to reformat current matrix stucture in current script at

This should be an fairly easy job for anyone with the experience. If you don’t have the experience with matrix plans, especially “Follow Me Matrix” I do have another site, which you has a follow me matrix that works fine, and you may be able to look at it ( Although I don’t have the source code) But it may help you get a better understanding.

It’s pretty simple. I have a script that has 2 matrix plans on it, One is a “Follow Me Matrix” or “Re-Cycling Matrix” and the other is just a normal forced matrix. They both can be ran at the same time, hence 1 being a bonus matrix. At this point I would be happy with someone just create the Re-Cycling Matrix, and than use same structure for the 2nd matrix.

I expect to pay cash of course, But I also have over 100+ top promoters ready and waiting to join, and can give you position under me if interested as part of payment, as it would make you a lot more money than initial bid.

Please only bid, if you are reliable, and respond to emails, and communicate effectively, and if you don’t know what a 3×9 forced matrix is, or not experienced with matrix programs, it would be better off not doing the job.

Thank You

Additional Info (Added 1/13/2010 at 20:34 EST)…

Someone with experience programming recycling matrix scripts, would be HIGHLY PREFERRED. As, if you have not any experience in MLM, it will just be a headache for the both of us. I have already paid a large amount on this script, which is why, I want to have it finish, spent to much time & money, for it to do nothing. I own full master rights, and will need programmer to sign same contract giving me Master Rights to script, AFTER REVISIONS ARE MADE. Which,shouldn’t be an issue, since I’m not having you program a script from scratch, and already own this script.

Hope to get this done soon, as I had planned to launch this program months ago. About 6-8 MONTHS AGO.

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