Paging And Diff. Db / Img Fold


we have a product catalog and need a category paging like search engine result paging – where each paging link would show 20 different categorys.

For the product catalog also we need to be able to use different databases and different image folders.

Every product has a small (90×90) and a big (300×300) image. Right now all small images are stored in the same image folder and the big ones also in another and all product data is stored in the same database.

So for memory and speed reasons we need to have different databases and different image folders for the same catalog.

the link to the product catalog is:

the paging for the categorys shall be like it is for products right now, you can see it in, but not in numbers, than in words listed like main level a – main level b – main level c – etc. and the listing is limited like in search results to a certain number of results and when you click for example on link 2 in the list than the first one is not more listed and the listing goes for example from 2 – 11 if 10 results are listed.

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