Php Admin Additional Function

Attached is a snippet of the area that the change will take place.

Currently when a category is create it will show the colored bar and category name as you see it in the screen shot with the arrow next to it. What I would like to do is add the ability in the admin area for the site so that an image could be assigned to that area instead of the standard colored bar/name like you see it. We’ll need to add a way to upload the image in the admin area added to our current setup. If an image isn’t uploaded it would display the current default colored bar/name. Any ‘Previous|Next’ text links would need to be moved so that they will appear below the image area / colored bar/name.

The second thing I need done is change the redirection when the user first logs in. Currently they are sent to a page with account options that they can edit… I would like to redirect them to a different page after successful login.

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