Mysql Drill Down Field Results

Mysql Drill Down Field Results

This is a Project I am reposting that I awarded to one Coder that started and never completed the from/code, so DO NOT BID Just to place a bid, READ ALL the details BEFORE BIDDING!!!

Please show samples before bidding on this project, if you place a bid and do not show a sample url then i will not accept and will remove your bid , so please read the full project details and ask any question before you show or place your bid.


i.e., The user selects the Country of the USA, using the [Country Pulldown Field] then the State Field should have a Pulldown to show only States within the USA only!, and then when the user selects the State of California from with the Pulldown Field, the city Fields should show a list of only Cities within that State selected by the user, so if the users selects the State of California then the [City Pulldown Field] should only show Cities within the State of California, then the last pulldown will display a list of active categories from the listing in the DB, then take that to then display the search results.

All the Country, States, and Cities are all stored in the DB, and the register form already uses the pulldown method, just need to use the selected users data values to post the form action and then get and display the search results

The search results display file uses this syntax format: (see sample search file results) Marketing and Advertising

So i need to grab the form $stateprov, $city & $category values to then call the file search4needles.php and replace the $stateprov, $city & $category with the users search form inputs to then display the search4needles.php using the user inputed values to show the search display select by the users input

*** Please bid ONLY if you are 200% sure of what needs to be done, and can start and finish this quickly (it should take no more than 1-2 to grab the form input values and code the line for the search4needles.php url), and you must be able to start today and get it done soon as I select the coder/bidder. ***

Thanks in advance

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