Search Engine For Bigcommerce

Search Engine For Bigcommerce
I’m not a tech head, so give me a break if the description is not optimal, but on the content part of the homepage of my BigCommerce website (see work in progress on I wish to create a search engine like on (upper right hand corner). Upon entering the first letters/numbers it needs to provide suggestions from the database (including links to the result).

No idea how it’s done, but someone told me it’s flash + javascript with a SQL database. It does not need to search within the website, but within a database I can control (preferrably through ftp).

So far (apparently) easy, but here comes the ‘tricky’ part; on the homepage I need two search boxes. Search box 1 will search on:
a) postcode, which will have to link to a page with all stores within that postcode area;
b) suburb/city, which will have to show all suburbs/cities with that name + postcode to select from (because of the same suburb/city possibility in the different Australian states) and then upon click link to a page with all stores within that suburb/city.

Once on the selected postcode or suburb/city page, the visitor will (besides the alphabetical store list) see another search box on the top to enter the delivery street name + number (without suffix, level, etc; just the streetnumber) in order to determine which stores in the database fall within a 5km delivery radius from that specific street address (possibly determined by longitude/latitude) and display the alphabetical result.

Still with me? Ok, similar thing goes for search box number 2 on the homepage, the product/service search box. Once a product/service is selected, the visitor goes to a page with a postcode or suburb/city search box like in box 1 searching for stores within that area that provide that specific product/service and displays the store list resultpage with on top a search box for delivery street + number as mentioned before to specify the stores within a 5km radius that deliver the selected product/service to that specific address.

In the final street radius result page there should be an option for me to add stores to the result in the database (stores that deliver to any address regardless of distance).

Looking forward to the response.

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