Gpt Site(custom)

Gpt Site(custom)
am looking for a script similar to It is for an incentive get paid to offer website with the ability to have ptc (payperclick ads), ptr (payperread ads), and the typical paid to signup, and paid to do surveys like, gptcashcow.

I wanted it to have these options:

The ability to manage Paid to Click and Paid to Signup advertisements.
Allow advertisers to purchase their own Paid to Click or Paid to Signup advertisements that will be shown to your members. The advertiser will have options such as demographics, detailed stats and much more.
Easily communicate with members through the Trouble Ticket system that will alert you via E-mail when a member has a question.
Members will be able to withdraw their earnings at any time. Integration to send PayPal and many other payment processors right from your admin panel.

Banner Rotation
Contact Form
Help System
– Paid to Click
– Paid to Signup
– Promo Bonus
– Proxy Detection
– Telephone Proof
– Trouble Ticket
– Upgrade
– Withdraw
-way to detect cheaters

*a list to your members of all the recent events that have occured on your site. This product can display newest members, latest offers approved and latest withdraws.
*Ability to run contests, can have a contest of who completes the most, or completes the most worth of offers. Also run a first to reach contest where whoever earns a certain amount the quickest gets a prize.
****Also very important: A way to have members be able to withdraw (please refer to the websites i mentioned above) from the website with paypal.
I will be using advertisers such as leadpub, instantdollarz, etc so I may need a way to be able to organize these
shiftcode has a way for members to advertise on the gpt sites. They can buy ptc, ptsu, ptr ads. This is optional but if it is possible that could work well.

I am looking for any ideas on how to make this site stand out.

I would prefer those who have experience with coding these type of websites. I want something similar to SHIFTCODE, but at the same time something original. There are tons of GPT websites out there and I want mine to have unique features that make it stand out.

I am going to make my own design for it, so it would help if there is a way to customize a template if possible.


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