Php Xml Job

I need some pages done php /xml . Need this project done within a day or two .

* A login page should be there. it also should have the sign up link also for new users.
* Upon login, user will be presented with several options: He can… Submit new jobs; View the status of already running jobs; View and from there download the results of completed jobs etc.
* If the user clicks to submit new jobs, he is navigated to the job submission page. This page is a form (submitted through ‘post’ method) to take all the necessary info from the user, along with the job source file (.java file). User can submit multiple jobs by calling this page multiple times. Information of each job will be stored in separate xml files (one xml file for one job, name derived from jobid and username. [like JRL_job10_Dibya.xml]I will provide sample if needed ). This page is already developed, though need be changed. [A job is tagged with a single JRL_job**_********.xml file(on the basis of job id)]
* After submission when the user clicks to execute the jobs, the set of submitted jobs starts executing. (A JEM is initiated in background and starts communicating with the other agents in the framework).
* On clicking Show Results link, the user is presented with the results (presently it may safely be assumed as some text files only). The name of the text files should be derived from the name of the user; name of the job and the time of submission of the job (to make it unique).
* Another arrangement is necessary to display a progress bar indicating the progress of a job submitted. Any simple format is ok
* A user can see only those jobs and those results, which were submitted by that user. He should never be able to see those of others.

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