Api & Website Duplicator Softw

Api & Website Duplicator Softw
I am looking to get a API and web duplication software built to add on to my x-cart (CMS) website.

The structure will basically be storing all my data in a central database and having the ability to create various websites using tempaltes that contain the products in the database.

The system is designed for others (who only have beginner computer skills) to create their own website (using this system that we are going to develop). They can select a template, upload their brand image, choose a domain name (or use one that I have listed), select the products they want to sell from my database and open their store.

The shopping cart page would look like their website, but it would process on my secure shopping cart page. I will ship out the products and handle the customer service.

I want to create the software so that I have full control over the design and functionality of the e-commerce stores. There would also need to be an easy to use interface for the website creation and management of the website for the affiliate. I would also need a user friendly interface to manage all the affilaites and the affiliates payouts, stats,,,etc.

I attached a document that goes into more detail. All items in the document are by law sole property of Live Pure Inc. and not to be shared or distributed in any way without written consent.

Here are some examples of similar systems:

Examples of similar systems:

1. http://www.associate-o-matic.com/
2. http://www.replicateitnow.com/
3. http://www.homeofficepro.net/
4. http://replicate.becanada.com/?GOOGLE_tools&gclid=COmx5prIp58CFQohDQod8jj11Q

The document that I provided is just a bunch of ideas I have. The right person for this job would need to contribute ideas on how to make this work and would need great attention to detail.

Please reply to this project if you feel you have the knowledge and the skills to create a super piece of software that is based off my database and x-cart e-commerce store (testing.livepurehealth.ca)

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