Windows Gadget With Mysql

Windows Gadget With Mysql
I’m in need of 2 widows sidebar gadgets. These gadgets will be used to 1)Show mortgage interest rates from a MySQL database online and 2)This one will be the same as the first but it will provide the ability to update the rates within the MySQL database.

The first gadget will include a logo to be displayed on the top. Following the logo will be a select list where the user can choose what rate they are looking for (ie. 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year –u p to 10, also the Variable rate and Line of Credit). Below the select box will be a big rate that will change based on which term they choose. Below the rate will be an apply now button that when clicked will bring them to an online application page.

The second gadget will have the same functionality as the first gadget but it will include a button “Update Rates”. This gadget will be run on the administrator’s home computer which will make it easy to update the rates within the database. When you click the “Update Rates” button, a pop-up will come out of the gadget and display all terms (1 to 10, variable, line of credit) and input boxes to go along with each term. The input boxes will automatically populate from the rates that are listed within the database. The administrator will change any of the rates that need to be changed and then click “Save” which will save the new rates. I would like there to also be a password field there which will pass on the typed password as the password for the MySQL database. This way, if the password is correct the rates cannot be changed.

Due to previous bad experiences, I will NOT pay ANY amount up front. I have had many developers take the money and run. If you require some type of deposit up front, DON’T BID. I WILL NOT PAY A DEPOSIT.

Once the first gadget is complete, delivered and verified to be working correctly, I will pay 50% of the agreed upon price.

Once the second gadget is complete, delivered and verified to be working correctly, I will pay the remaining 50% of the agreed upon price.

1) This project is fairly simple in nature and therefore I would like it completed within 3 to 4 days.

2) Only bids that state “I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO YOUR TERMS” will receive consideration. If you do not add this sentence to your bid, I will assume that you did not fully read the instructions or you didn’t understand them. Therefore, I will NOT consider your bid.

3) The logo is currently being designed so I will provide it after. For now the developer may use a temporary image but must change it to the correct logo once available. (Or provide details instructions for me to change the logo)

4) The gadgets must be visually appealing. Must look clean and crisp with a nice use of colours.

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