Timed Crossword Puzzle

Timed Crossword Puzzle

Looking for someone who has experience and can show me examples of games they have programmed. This should be easy for someone with experience. I believe it would be best if it were done in Flash. Perhaps you can advise. With out going into too much detail, I’d like to put together a timed crossword puzzle. When the timer ends, the game ends. If the crossword is completed before the timer ends, the player is notified they’ve won and are prompted to input their email address. I’ll need these email addresses to automatically populate a database which you will put together. I will need the ability to create the answers and clues and have the crossword arrange itself accordingly. The crossword must be graphically pleasing and allow room around it for other content which I will explain to you further.
I will own the code when the project is completed. We have one other project we will offer you upon successful completion of the crossword puzzle. Thank you for your time.

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