Php Ftp Uploader

Php Ftp Uploader
I need a customized PHP script that can use PHP’s existing FTP functions to upload files to remote web servers.

The script should have a HTML form that asks for the FTP address, username, and password. The path on the local server containing all the files to be uploaded can be hard coded into the script as a variable.

When the users submits the form, the script should first test the login credentials and return to the form with an error if the FTP login is incorrect.

After logging in, the script should go through the local folder and upload all of the contained subfolders and files to the remote server.

The script should also be able to set permissions for specific files that are listed in a text file on the local server. The text file path can be hard coded into the script and should be in the following format:

/index.php, 644
/inc/config.php, 777
/images/, 755
/images/header.jpg, 644

If a file is not listed in the text file, it should just be uploaded with the default permissions.

While the uploading is in progress, the script should update the user with the progress. It could say something like:

5MB out of 10MB
50% complete

This could work by automatically refreshing the page every few seconds. When the upload is complete, the script should be able to pop-up an uploaded page on the remote server. For example, http://removeserver/setup.php could open. This path can be hard coded into the script.

The script needs to be unencrypted, and written exclusively for this project. I will also need exclusive ownership of the code when it is finished.

The code should be in PHP and can use a MySQL database if necessary.

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