Mambo To Joomla Migration

Mambo To Joomla Migration
Hello programmers,
so here’s the deal. my website ( was made back in 2006 running on an old version of mambo. its time to get it transferred to the latest version of joomla. joomla has been already installed on the same server. NOW, I’d like to get someone/team to do the migration for me professionally. stuff that I am really concerned about are :
1- USERS (CB database)
2- ALL CONTENT (possibly with their hit number?)
4- Template (if not possible , at least get it very close to the current theme)
no modules or components need to be transferred.

I definitely need more service toward the new site in a near future so if you do a good job you’ll get more business from me.
if you want to browse around the website use username : guest , password : guest

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