Php Fix Special Char & Bug


I have a php script real estate that has issues when I add or update listings agents and other data. It never use to have this problem but now if I add special characters such as ” ‘ % (and others) I get an error. It will not post the listings or information because of the special characters in the fields.

It looks to be a rather simple fix but I still need someone who knows what they are doing. Please be honest about your completion dates. I need this done asap. This effects more than one field there are fields for listings, agents, locations and more that are effected. I need the whole script to be working properly by being able to accept these special charaters in all the fields while editing or adding.

I also have one more issue with this script.. Since I posted this project before and the last programmer attempted to fix it but messed up my image fields. Now when I try to upload a image to a specific set of image fields I get an error.

I need both of these things fixed. I will also need to get a readme file so that I know what changes you made to the files specifically.. the files, the lines that were changed added, or deleted and what you added in for it to work.

Thank you

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