Virtuemart Project

i need some help for a virtuemart project.
I have already a template for this project
It already comes with virtuemart integrate so everything its almost done.
I need the website in 2 languages, (italian as main language, and english).
The bilingual version should works with separate catalogs.
My customer will insert about 1500-2000 products on it so there shoudnt be any limit.
For the rest, the website should have all the features that an standard ecommerce website have (example taxes increment,module for shippings,discount , offers,integration payment , currenccie, plus many other similar things .

Well i know everything its inside the package of virtuemart, just that i try to test it and sometimes i get some php errors so i prefer that somebody work on it as actually dont have so much time.

Im hurry on this project, tomorrow for about 5:00 pm i should show at least something to customer, and should be completely finish by end of the week

Also after project its finish i expect some support or instructions for things that arent clear for me, as then i have to explain to my customer how he can use the admin panel.
please let know asap if you are agree so we can start
thanks a lot

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