Dating Customer Service Area

Dating Customer Service Area
We have a very simple Admin area for our dating website. Currently it authenticates our Customer Service Representatives against a MySQL table and gives them some simple functions. We are running php/apache on Linux so work must be done via SSH.

We wish to add some new functions to search a sql table for users by different criteria (email, login, user id), view user information and perform updates on that table to change this and other tables using the user id.

We also wish to add additional access levels to this admin area. Each admin user would be assigned different groups and have access to different links in the admin area depending on groups. For example, only the Accounting flag would be able to access financial reports, only Custom Service flag would be able to change passwords. An admin user can be a member of multiple groups.

Full Specification:
1. Modify existing mysql authentication to add group access.
a. Groups should be defined in the database so they can be easily added
b. Admin user must be able to be a member of more than one group
c. Group access defines whether an admin user can see navigation links and access pages

2. Create three groups
a. Admin
b. Customer Service
c. Angel

3. Modify two existing php scripts to be included in new area
a. Require Angel group

4. Create user search page
a. Require Customer Service group
b. Search existing mysql table by email, first/last name, login, user id

5. Create user edit page
a. Require Customer Service group
b. Change email/login/password on above mysql table
c. Change status flag (boolean)

6. Create admin user management page(s)
a. Require Admin group
b. Create new admin users
c. Change admin user password
d. Delete admin user
e. Change group access

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