Ecommerce Modification Xml

My website listed below was built using php. Products are added/edited within the admin panel. The following options are available when adding/edited products

Assign category/sub category/sub sub category
Brand, description 1, description 2
Main body description (html input field)
Product options (2 available)
Price1, Price 2, RRP
Size, Stock
META Tag input field for the page
Page description input field
Image upload
Special offer options

I want to be able to download my entire inventory via xml for editing in MS Excel. I then want to be able to upload the MS Excel file to overwrite the existing inventory. In other words i want to be able to edit all the features above offline in Excel and upload them to submit the changes onto my website. (Messages without the following phrase in it will be ignored because ill know you havent read the brief properly , the word is Bannana)

www. b o d y h a v e n .ie

You must have lots of experience in this area and be able to present your previous work. If you have any questions please ask.

Thanks for viewing

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