Memorial / Obituary Site

-Member registration / sign up (free) (example in attachment)
First name
Last name
Confirm password
Upload picture
(email confirmation to complete registration)

-Member Profile page should display (example in attachment)
First Name
Last Name
Dedications (profiles of deceased people that this user has created)

-Ability to create a profile (of a deceased person) only registered users can do this (example in attachment)
First name
Last name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Created / Dedicated by: (the member who created the profile for the deceased)
Hometown (city, state, zip)
Favorite quote
Place of Rest
Brief Description
Upload Photos
Upload Song

-Ability to search for Deceased Profiles (example in attachment)

-Profile Page for the deceased person (example in attachment)
ability for other registered users to post comments and photos
ability to Share this Profile (via email, etc…)

I am open to suggestions/corrections that I have probably made when designing this site. So, please feel free to provide your input as a programmer, if you see I’ve left something important out of my site design.



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