End-user Support By Fan(s)

End-user Support By Fan(s)
The main scope of this project is a site that is like that of MyFreeImplants.com (MFI) I will switch around the process some because this is NOT about implants or cosmetic surgery. But it requires ALL the content (front end/back end) of that site, so bid accordingly. MFI does what they do well and provides that exceptional service-I want to support a end-user’s other type endeavors (more detail upon bid completion) by allowing them to connect to their appropriate audience (more demographic/specific information later).

I will require:
1-A site like MFI—study it, please.
-the integration of etsy api’s so they have a way to sell things through their profile if they choose.
2-Jquery usage and/or ruby on rails for web 2.0 ease of use/feel, UNLIKE MFI.
3-Consultation on where to house the site securely and cost effectively in the US. The cost can include this setup with a well-established host.
4-Connection and graphic work in parallel to create the look/feel. I like the ‘look’ of bestbuy’s IdeaX site and Okcupid.
5-holistically, keep in mind that I’d like it mobile ready or iphone app ready and be able to readily get to the data to help the users.
6-ensure that there is a great admin back-end to manage/approve the users, etc. I’d like to hear your plan on this.
7-The code should be well commented and efficient.

I also want to incorporate a email solution for each of the members with a nominal fee (or donated by their ‘audience’ ). Maybe utilizing Rackspace’s api, etc. Suggestions welcome.

Again, unlike MFI, I require the use of Jquery and/or ruby on rails to give it the new Web 2.0+ dynamic content. There should be the ability to collect donations from ‘audience’ FOR the primary users but also a nominal subscription fee paid by the users or on behalf of the hobbyists by the fan(s). i.e. pay for this ‘users’ subscription and email account. Paypal integration ok but I’d like actual credit card integration and you can help me with this.

The source you create for me cannot be resold/packaged. I’ll provide specific audience for graphics themes and things upon NDA or awarding bid.

Please have some jquery and RoR examples and examples of graphics (whether you all do them too or you have someone that does alongside you).

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