Drupal Module Help (cck)

Drupal Module Help (cck)
I’m building a new Web site using Drupal 6.15. I am just learning the CMS, but so far it’s very straightforward.

However, I need the added functionality from the Content Construction Kit (CCK) module. The read me file instructs one to copy all of the files in a new cck directory within the sites/all/modules directory. I did.

Then it says to login, go to the Admin area and enable the cck modules. I can see them all just fine, and I enabled the Content Module and associated Field Type Modules.

But when I tried to save/update, I got this message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function content_field_instance_read() in /home/content/c/r/y/mysite/html/modules/cck/content.module on line 1476

I need to get this troubleshooted asap. While this is likely a quick and easy project for a Drupal specialist, it could be the start of ongoing work from me around Drupal development.

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