Gumtree Ad Submission Service

Gumtree Ad Submission Service
Project Brief

– The purpose of this online service is to keep ads on top of the Gumtree listings and stay within the Gumtree rules at

– The online service allows subscribers to automatically resubmit their ads on in any of Gumtree’s supported countries and cities

– The online service will download an existing ad or several ads (selected by Gumtree reference number) and store it in a database ready for resubmission.

– When resubmitting using the service, the following happens:
– The subscriber chooses the ad in the database (Premium subscribers only)
– The selected ad(s) are deleted (manual or scheduled) from Gumtree
– A new, identical ad with a new Gumtree reference number is created
– That ad is stored in the database, ready for the next resubmission
– The service thus ensures that ads are not duplicated

– Non-paying subscribers:
– Only allowed one ad
– Need to manually log to do their ad resubmission
– Can only resubmit an ad once every 2 days

– Standard paying subscribers:
– Only allowed one ad
– Can specify what time of day their ad is resubmitted
– Choose what date the ad is resubmitted for the first time
– Choose what date the ad is resubmitted for the last time
– Only allowed one ad resubmission a day

– Premium paying subscribers:
– Allowed unlimited ads
– Can specify 10 different times per day their chosen ad is resubmitted
– Choose what date their chosen ad is resubmitted for the first time
– Choose what date their chosen ad is resubmitted for the last time
– Allowed 10 resubmissions per day per ad

– Non-paying subscribers can be flagged by a system adminstrator:
– The flag has 3 states:
– Non paying subscriber (default)
– Standard subscriber (with expiry date)
– Premium subscriber (with expiry date)
– On expiry, the subscriber is reverted back to non-paying status
– The subscriber’s timezone is used, so expiry happens at their 0:00

– Recurring payments to subscribe to this service need to be taken monthly automatically via PayPal after subscription.

– User defined subscription fees for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

– This service will need ongoing support and modifications as Gumtree makes changes to their website. This is to be quoted separately to this project.

– A downloadable log of all user activity is created. A new log is created on the first of each month.

– All intellectual property and code becomes the ownership of Human Touch I.T. and is to be made available to Human Touch I.T. on final payment.

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