Fix Joomla License Error I G 2

Fix Joomla License Error I G 2
One of my client’s websites that’s on a very custom high end Joomla platform and hosted by is NOT allowing anyone to edit or get accesss to the 98 web pages thru Joomla’s front end as of last 24 hours for some retarded reason.

I’m sure it’s some 20 minute fix from someone.

We can logon/off Joomla website fine, all web pages are online no problem there, I can get to any page no problem, but once I click on the upper right hand corner edit page icon for Joomla I get this error message on EVERY page on the website and won’t allow me to edit pages now.

Gray window pops up labeled “Message from Webpage”
Yellow triangle with exclamation point graphic that says next to it “License Error: (4) license expired! (see screenshot of this exact error message)

Makes no sense since it’s been running perfect for almost 2 1/2 months straight with zero problems and never seen any error messages.

Contacted two engineers from hosting company here is what they told me. “Your permissions are probably the cause of this:
they should be: folders = 755, and files = 644.”

“This is not a server issue. Your getting a license error probably
because your using a non standard plugin for editing. Make sure
that your using the Tiny MCE module for editing and check that
you don’t have any third party or custom editing modules installed
that may require a license.”

I have my client very high in SERPS and Alexa top 425K in the world. So I need someone that is a Joomla guru and can tell me BEFORE I give you bid what this issue is and how exactly they will fix it quick. I don’t touch anything programming/coding wise. I just want to make damn sure your not like every 3rd world country idiot that blindly bids on projects they have no idea how to do.



Also you must have Yahoo chat and Skype.

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