Oscommerce Rma Module 2

Oscommerce Rma Module 2

I need help with finishing my RMA module install. I have installed Oscommerce 2.6 RMA Module to my website. I have installed this fresh 4 times now, however there are some missing codes or scripts that are not being retrieved properly(I believe). I have managed to fix most including SQL missing items, but now I need the final touch.

1st Problem – On the client website side – Return Product information can not be seen as well as the billing & delivery address is missing.

2nd problem – On the Admin side, again return billing & delivery address are missing. However, all other modules show this no problem.

3rd problem – An RMA number is created by the client and is shown in Admin, however the number is not editable on the admin side or trackable from the client side.

That is it for now…, untill I clear this section up I don’t know if there is anything else wrong with this module.


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