Custom Magento Tax Extension

Custom Magento Tax Extension

I need a custom tax extension for Magento which calculates taxes based on city instead of zip code.

From the back end, the extension should look and function very much like Magento’s built in Tax Zone/Rate engine. However, instead of fields asking for zip code, there needs to be a field asking for City.

Also like Magento’s built in Tax Rate engine, I need to be able to import the tax rates via a csv file.

The main focus of this will be for the US state of California. However, there is no special need to limit this extension to only work for California. I would simply import tax rates for California.

This project needs to be complete quickly so please only bid if you have experience with Magento and have done done similar tax related extensions before. Even better would be if you have already done such an extension for someone else already then I would simply buy the extension from you.

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